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The company rectifier equipment contract with Shannxi Jintai 600,000-ton caustic soda project was signed

发布时间:2020-11-30  来源:原创  浏览量:2950

        Recently, the company and China Chengda Engineering Co., LTD., Shaanxi Jintai Chlor-alkali Shenmu chemical Co., LTD. Signed 600,000 tons/year ion membrane caustic soda project rectifier equipment procurement contract. This project is the national caustic soda industry high performance resin and supporting device environmental protection innovation technology industrialization demonstration project, covers an area of 3,000acre, is the key project to realize the industrial transformation and upgrading development in the western part of the country, after the completion of the project will achieve an annual output value of nearly 10 billion. The high-power rectifier system, one of the core equipment of the project, is provided by our company, including 20 SETS of KHS-16.2kA/680V rectifier units and related accessories. 

       This project is the largest domestic caustic soda project afterTianjin Bohai Chemical Co., LTD. 's 600,000 tons of caustic soda. 

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