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Remote guide of installation and commissioning of overseas projects and started

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       Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, it is difficult for engineers to provide technical services at overseas projectonsites. In order to assist overseas customers tosmooththe project schedule and avoid project delay, after the resumption of work and production in China, we immediately started to discuss with customers the possibility and implementation method of remote guidance installation, commissioning and start-up.

      Started in April this year, we have successivelyassociated with annual output of 150000 tons of caustic soda project finally MFL group (4 sets of KHS - 16.2 kA / 730 v rectifier system), Thailand ABCTL company (2 sets of KHS - 21.25 kA / 640 v rectifier system) project, annual output of 90000 tons of caustic soda, CK company in Turkey (1 set of KHS - 25 kA / 750 v rectifier system) yearly produces 50000 tons electrolytic zinc smelting project and India Kutch group (1 set of KHS to 17.7 kA / 770 v rectifier system) project withannual output of 40000 tons of caustic soda in the relevant technical personnel to the customerwith the training, Our technical team makes use of real-time communication software and remote monitoring system to provide guidance online in real time. Through close cooperation, careful testing, repeated confirmation and overcoming difficulties, all the four overseas projects were put into operation smoothly by August 15, 2020.

      Rectifier system due to the wide technicalinvolved, high requirements, related non-standard accessories are numerous, in the past, the industry is responsible foronsitecommissioning and operation startup by the manufacturer. The customer's ability to operate system start up independently and smoothly reflects the engineering capability of our products with mature technology, excellent qualityof complete set of equipment, as well as the achievements of the integrated upgrade of our quality management and after-sales service system in recent years. Remote guidance provides convenience and strong guarantee for theonsite service of overseas projects, which isbenefit to the expansion of the company's overseas market.

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