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The party branch of the company won the honorary title of "Benchmarking Party organization in two new fields in Hunan Province"

Release Time:2022-07-08  Source:Original  Views:3134

        On June 29, in Zhuzhou city two new fields benchmarking party organization awarding conference, the party branch of the company won the honorary title of "Hunan Province two new fields benchmarking Party organization" was solemnly awarded.

      Under the leading of Zhuzhou municipal committee,Zhuzhou high tech development zone committee, with the guide of Mr Xi jingping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics theory, Strongly to reinforce the construction of part organization in non state owned enterprise. In recent years, the company always adhere to the party construction of high quality to promote enterprise development, high quality to "party construction force, leading development" as the guide, to "party gather intelligence and promote innovation" as the goal, to "party collect love, serve the society" as the engine, is focused on the training of "two-way", put into cadres of party members, cadres training into party, a party member, the cultivation technology backbone The training of party members into technical backbones further stimulated the vitality of the organization and realized the simultaneous resonance between party building and enterprise development.

      In terms of position construction, the company has built a party mass service center to provide a platform for party members and workers to participate in education and cultural and sports activities. In the workshop to create a "party building micro home", the red force extended to the workshop line, cohesion of the party and the masses, promote the development of the enterprise.

      In terms of talent construction, the company focuses on scientific and technological innovation and talent growth. In the past four years, 35 employees have been supported by the policy of introducing and cultivating "China Power Valley Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talents" in Zhuzhou High-tech Zone. 

       Under the party leading, the company has obtained the "specialization, the new" little giant enterprise high power rectifier system engineering technology research center, Hunan province, the provincial civilized units and so on many honors, the company has firmly in the international cooperation and development platform, and become the global customers with first-class one of the major manufacturers of high power converter equipment, A good situation of "strong Party building and strong development" has been formed.


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