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The company participated in the 8th minority enterprise donation for education of Hunan University of Technology

Release Time:2022-05-25  Source:Original  Views:5274

On the afternoon of May 24, 2022, the eighth Session of "Hunan University of Technology Minority Enterprises Donation for Education", jointly organized by The United Front Work Department of Zhuzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and The Fellowship of Ethnic Minorities of Zhuzhou City, was held in conference room 401, Chongde Building, Hunan University of Technology. Zhang Fuliang, the leader of the company, attended the event and made a speech on behalf of the donor unit. Thirty impoverished ethnic minority students from Hunan University of Technology received financial aid. In recent years, the company has donated more than 210,000 yuan to the impoverished minority students of Hunan University of Technology, and the total number of subsidized students has reached 105.

Donating to students is a very meaningful activity, the company has been adhering to the idea of helping students become talented, return to society, through efforts to help the poor students to solve the economic difficulties and life pressure and other problems, encourage students to overcome difficulties, cherish opportunities, live up to their youth, self-improvement, study hard, To repay parents for their upbringing and the love of the society with more excellent results, successfully complete their studies and become the pillar of the country.