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The French KEMONE caustic soda project was delivered as scheduled through acceptance by foreign experts

Release Time:2016-01-26  Source:Original  Views:7614

   On January 18, 2016, four sets of Units of French KEMONE caustic soda project passed the acceptance of foreign experts. The goods are being delivered to the port and are expected to arrive at The port of Marseille, France at the end of February. The project is currently the largest current (54KA) in the ionic caustic soda industry, and also the largest full-sealed rectifier device manufactured by the company, integrating rectifier, control cabinet, distribution cabinet, DM water cooler, water-air cooler, DC breaker switch and other components. The project lasted nearly a year from commencement meeting, design, procurement, production to acceptance. In the design and manufacturing process, the company's scientific research, design, production personnel have adopted many new technologies, new processes, and the overall technical level of the product has stepped up to a new level.


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